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About Rain Forests.

Although tropical rain forests constitute 6% of the total land area globally, it is amazing that they produce and protect 60% of the global biodiversity.
At the same time they are highly threatened ecosystems on the planet earth by activities of man due to. This is due to increased population, poverty, Poor government policies

Corruption and bribery, Modern infrastructure developments, poor health among others Environmental Sustainability is one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) sanctioned by the United Nations having realized the importance of the global environment conservation.

Our volunteering program exposes participants to real situations in such environmental areas to enhance them demonstrative advocacy at international levels. There is no way such a global goal will be achieved when people have not come and have real experiences in these areas.

The significance of Tropical rain forests
Tropical rain forests are important for many ecosystem services and products that include but not limited to; climate regulation, maintenance of biodiversity (including rare and endemic species), Soil conservation, carbon storage and sequestration, provision of energy (firewood and charcoal), non timber products like medicine, vegetables, crafts and souvenirs materials, food, water, Ecotourismů..Besides these and other raw materials, plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms provide many regulatory services such as pollination of crops, prevention of soil erosion and water purification Uganda has a number of these forests both private and public ranging from low land to montane forests.