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Forest Volunteers Uganda

About Forest Volunteers Uganda.

MAFICO has initiated and manages multiple forest based projects around Mabira forest where our volunteers base to work with the forest communities in Uganda. Volunteers work on the mafico projects and placements are also made with our partners in education, health and community development.
The program is managed by a team of three, the volunteer program advisor, the volunteer program administrator and the patron. They are qualified and experienced in fields of Forestry, Geography, Environmental Education, Tourism, community developments, agriculture, education, and health among others.

We offer a safe, free and family-like work environment for you while in Uganda. Volunteers are allowed free access to some services like forest walks, picnics and camping at our project sites. We offer pre-arrival support by answering your questions about Uganda and forests, and by finding a placement that best fits your skills and interests.
We offer in-country assistance by organizing airport transfers, getting you to your placement, and unraveling some of the more complicated cultural issues you face when entering Uganda for the first time. It is not easy to come to a completely foreign culture on your own. We want to be there to give you encouragement, advice, and support in order for you to be most effective while you are here. We make special arrangements for volunteers on research especially on forestry , tourism, agricultures and community development.

We have closely worked with volunteers from the leading international volunteer organizations since 2003, like the Voluntary Services Oversees (VSO), the American Peace Corps and the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) and the foundation for sustainable development and therefore experienced in volunteer management.